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What is Slippage in Forex Trading?

Slippage is when an order is filled at a price that is different than the requested price. Most conversations I hear regarding slippage tend to speak about it in a negative light, when in reality, this normal market occurrence can be a good thing for traders. As the video above mentions, when orders are sent out to be filled by […]

The Differences between Instant Execution and Market Execution

Sometime, you see that your order is not executed at the exact price you placed. Is that a cheat from broker? Or a bug of MT4 platform? Fortunately, it is not. This is the nature of the forex market, where price may changes faster than the speed of order filling. There are two execution method to fill your order in […]

What is Price Action Trading Analysis?

What is Price Action Analysis? My definition of Price Action Analysis: Price action analysis is the analysis of the price movement of a market over time. By learning to read the price action of a market, we can determine a market’s directional bias as well as trade from reoccurring price action patterns or price action setups that reflect changes or […]

How To Catch Big Moves In The Forex Market

How often do you see big moves in the market like we have seen recently, but you never find yourself profiting much from them? How often do you close a trade out prematurely just because it’s gone against you a bit and you ‘freaked out’ because you thought it would result in a bigger loss? Making ‘fast money’ and building […]

How To Start Trading Forex

Many people talk about forex trading is only for people who are rich and have substantial capital, it is not true. Today the foreign exchange business or online foreign exchange has become a trend for developing countries around the world. To start forex trading you only need the following things: Laptop / PC, for mobile you can use MT4 platform […]

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